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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Name: Axelle

Age: 16


birthday: 09 april 2000

like: playing video games,drawing

What kind of draw i make on deviantart: Sonic and i trying anime

Favourite video games: Mario,Sonic,Inazuma eleven(the best <3 ),Pokemon,professor layton

My favourite characters on video games:

(Inazuma eleven) Kazemaru ichirouta(Nathan Swift<3 <3 <3),Fubuki Shirou(Shawn Frost), and more
(professor layton) Clive Dove
(Sonic) Silver,Jet
(Mario) koopa :D
i was tagged by: supermarioman111 


1)You must post these rules
2)You may pick to do either option one, two, or three
3) Go and feel the wrath of this tag game 
4) When you post a journal about you being tagged you must post all three options at the top
5)Re-post the option that you decided to do and do it
6)The only people you can't tag are the :iconthemclfashioncontest: staff members
7) You must post a journal about getting tagged
8)If you are tagged and you are not a staff member for the group :iconthemclfashioncontest: You can't say that you don't do tags
9)You may not say a single cuss word in this journal (That includes the title)
10) If you fail to post this journal in under three months then you owe who ever tagged you 5 free drawings/requests.
11) Have fun!


Get this over with by joining The My Candy Love Fashion Contest located here -> http/…
then tag 5 people

Answer the following:
1)Do you own a MyCandyLove account?
2)What do you consider fashionable?
3)What is your favorite color?
4)How was your day?
5)What is black and white and red all over?
6)What does the letters ABC stand for?
7)Do you like manga or anime?
8)How do you feel after being tagged?
9)What is the object next to your right side?
10)What does 1 + 1 =
11)Cat or dog?
12)If you were to go somewhere were would you go?
13)Do you like giant stuffed animals?
14)Some one like senpai what do you do?
15)What do you think of these pointless questions?
16) Are annoyed now?
Now make up 5 additional questions and add them to the list for the next person who gets tagged, and finally tag 15 people

the answers:
1) umm no
4)very good ^^
5)black and white= grey so grey+red= blood
6)the alphabet
7)both of them
8)a little shy
9)a chair XD
12)in a parc with my boyfriend
13) ummm  no
14)the one who love my senpai! i cut her head !!!
16) nope

i tag: :iconrubythehedgehog9:   :iconmilkate:  :iconariarosethehedgehog:   :icondarktomboy66gun:   :icons-frost:   :icontheylie:   :iconxebiux:   :icontherealamyrose8:  :icon8aishathefenec8:   :iconaceit12:    :iconjhosycarol:    :iconlynus-the-porcupine:


Axelle.S x Kazemaru.I by Axelle-the-hedgehog
Axelle.S x Kazemaru.I
Kazemaru/Nathan belongs to : level 5 (inazuma eleven)
Axelle Star belongs to : me
Axelle Star (IE oc ) IE go  by Axelle-the-hedgehog
Axelle Star (IE oc ) IE go
The 2 bio of my oc is on this description
Enjoy :p

Inazuma Eleven go bio
Name:Axelle Swift
Age: 26
Position: Forward,Defender,Goalkeeper
Element: fire,water,thunder,wind
Team: 4 element( coach of the New team and captain of the adult team(24))
Birthday:24 of December
Personality: Friendly,energetic
Likes:her family,her friends
Dislike: x
-Nathan Swift: her husband
- Celeste Swift: her daughter
-Shawn Frost : her dad (details on IE bio)
- Mark Evans: her best friend
- Arion Sherwind and Ricardo di rigo: her friends

Inazuma eleven bio
Name: Axelle Star
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Position: Forward,Defender,Goalkeeper
Element: fire,water,thunder,wind
Team: Raimon (24) ,4 elements (as captain(12))
Birthday: 24 of December
Personality: Friendly,energetic
Hobbies: drawing,football,boxe,basketball
Likes: her best friend,her hobbies
Dislike: x
Love interest: Nathan Swift
Relationship: -Nathan.S: best friend and love interest
-Mark Evans : best friend
-Shawn Frost: In original her brother but after an accident she calls Shawn: dad
-Shawn's parents: her adopted parents

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